Selling a Home in Today’s Market? Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

Selling a Home in Today’s Market? Don’t Believe Everything You Hear

  • Heather Smith
  • 05/27/22

People say a lot of things about selling a home in today’s market. But unfortunately, some of it isn’t true—and buying into those myths can have a negative impact on your home sale.

So what, exactly, are people saying about selling your home in today’s market that just don’t align with the facts?

recent article from outlined common myths about selling a home in today’s market that simply aren’t true, including:

  • “Buyers will take anything—so there’s no need to renovate or repair.” Many sellers think that low inventory means that buyers will be willing to pay top dollar for any property. But the truth is, many buyers are put off by homes that appear like they need a lot of work. So while there’s no need to completely renovate your home prior to listing, making small, cosmetic repairs (like tidying up the landscaping or repainting the walls) can make a huge difference in how attractive your home is to buyers—and ultimately, how quickly (and profitably!) your home sells.
  • “There’s no need to invest in marketing my home; in this market, homes sell themselves.” It may be a seller’s market—but that doesn’t mean, as a seller, you don’t have to put in any effort to sell your property. Buyers spend a lot of time scouting homes online—so if you want your home to sell, you’ll want to invest time and resources into making your listing as attractive as possible (for example, getting professional photos of your property).
  • “In a bidding war, choosing the highest offer is always the right move.” Bidding wars are a common occurrence in today’s market—and many sellers believe that, if their home inspires a bidding war, they should accept the highest offer. But that’s not always true. There’s a lot more to an offer than just the purchase price—and going with a slightly lower offer with better terms (for example, more flexible closing terms or an all-cash offer) is often a better option than just choosing whichever offer has the highest dollar amount.

The Takeaway:

So what does this mean for you? If you’re thinking about selling your home, it’s important to arm yourself with the right information about how to navigate the current market—and to avoid buying into myths that could potentially derail your sale.

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