Thinking About Buying a House and Changing Jobs? Here Are the Factors to Consider

Thinking About Buying a House and Changing Jobs? Here Are the Factors to Consider

  • Heather Smith
  • 06/15/22

We’re in the midst of what experts are dubbing The Great Resignation, with people leaving their jobs in record numbers.

But what if you’re considering buying a home in the near future? Is joining The Great Resignation the right move for you, or is it better to wait until after you’ve purchased a home to make a major career move?

recent article from outlined factors potential buyers should consider if they’re considering changing jobs before or during their home search, including:

  • Timing. Generally, switching jobs during the mortgage application process will cause more issues than changing jobs before you apply for a mortgage. So, if you’re thinking about switching jobs, try to make the change well before you buy a home. (The longer you’re in your new job before you apply for a mortgage, the better!)
  • The type of job change. The type of career switch you make can also impact your ability to get a loan. For example, keeping the same job title and switching to a new company is generally looked at as less risky than changing careers altogether. If you’re thinking about making a complete career change (for example, transitioning from software engineering to teaching), you may want to consider waiting until after you’ve purchased a home.
  • The financial impact. Another way changing jobs can impact your ability to buy a home is income. If your income or income structure is going to change (for example, if your new job pays less money, or you’re going to be switching from a salary to a commission structure), it could impact your buying power and/or make it harder to get approved for a mortgage.

The Takeaway:

Changing jobs right before or during a home search can complicate your ability to secure a mortgage—so before you jump into a new job, company, or career, consider how it might impact your home search.

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